Welcome to the team James Nye!

We'd like to officially announce and welcome James Nye in joining the SPBF team as a Full Partner.

He brings a suite of expertise in Unreal Engine to SPBF with his unique experience with AI, VR, and Game Design.

Welcome James to the Super Powered Battle Team!

Introducing Aimee Smith as Idona and Luna!

We’d like to officially announce Aimee Smith as our Voice Actor who is bringing life to Idona and Luna! As we work with more voice actors to get more of our characters voiced you’ll notice them making sounds when they are hit, do certain actions or fall off screen! Eventually we’ll be creating a simple taunt mechanic that will include some more voice lines as well.

You’ll get a first glimpse of Idona and Luna’s new voices once you’ve downloaded the next update!

Autolinks for days.gif

SPBF now on Linux!

Beginning March 1st we will no longer be handing out alpha tester keys through #key-request in our Discord. Make sure you've all join our community and leave a request for keys! With that being said you might be wondering what is planned for March 1st? Well you can rest easy knowing nothing is planned for that day however, you may want to mark down March 20th in your calendars because we have a surprise that will be revealed on that date! Of course we can’t give anything away just yet…

We’ve been hard at work making sure our AI bots are competent for those who like to play lone wolf style!

We’ve been hard at work making sure our AI bots are competent for those who like to play lone wolf style!

As we progress towards our secretive milestone of “March 20th” Our goal is to attract new players to help us iron out some bugs and to receive feedback on all sorts of mechanics and features. We took a huge step towards this by adding support for Linux users of all kinds! Thanks to the friendly folk over at r/Linux_gaming who showed not only incredibly humbling amounts of interest in SPBF but also took time out of their own schedules to assist our own Prazon in setting up his very own Linux machine.

”I am now a Bionic Beaver”
-Brendan “Prazon” Miller-Young, 2019

The outcome of this is our own native Super Powered Battle Friends Linux client and we’ve achieved a workflow that allows us to push updates to both Windows and Linux users on Steam simultaneously!

“I couldn’t decide which version of this stage I liked better so now there are two different versions to choose from.” -Prazon

“I couldn’t decide which version of this stage I liked better so now there are two different versions to choose from.”

We’re super excited and super nervous to finally share SPBF in this state because It’s been a very long time coming. We still have a long journey ahead but we can slowly see SPBF becoming the vision we hold in our heads and our hearts. We hope all of the players so far enjoy seeing Super Powered Battle Friends grow as much as we do and we hope we you stay until long after it’s complete.


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2018 and "The Playable Update"

The first sunshine of 2018 is finally breaking through our snow coated city here in Winnipeg. We spent a long hibernation working, plotting, remaking alot of the assets in SPBF. I'm sure alot of you are eager to get your hands on more SUPER POWERED updates and gameplay so we have decided to talk a little bit about what's on the way for all the BATTLE FRIENDS out there!

New Character Art!



Not all of them are done yet but they are looking great thanks to our friend and fellow creative Kats! You can see her process here!


If you've followed Prazon's Instagram or Twitter you've probably come across this picture of Luna!


But that's not all we're in the process of getting ready...

The stages are receiving their own upgrades as well!

We hope you stay tuned to our Discord where we will be regularly showing W.I.P Screenshots, Art, Sprites, Maps and more! You can check out either of our Twitters by clicking our pictures on the homepage under Team! And you can find Prazon/Brendan's instagram on the Media page! Now's the perfect time to get involved with our community as we begin preparing what we've dubbed "The Playable Update". Players from our community will be invited to join our early test sessions before we hit Steam. This update will feature a new multiplayer integration similar to what many popular titles are doing nowadays with the ability to easily invite your friends from the main menu into your "Party" and decide what to play from there. This of course will also include hundreds of bug fixes discovered by playtesters and ourselves, the updated stage art, the first 5 playable characters (Daxter, Prazon, Arc, Luna, Idona), and some gamemodes to try out online and offline!