Something is in the works

There is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes right now as we prepare something big! All we can say is if you want to see what the big deal is then you need to stay tuned in to our Discord and right here on our website. You could also follow our Twitter!


One thing is certain, WE NEED YOU! to help playtest Super Powered Battle Friends and be a part of our wonderful community! If that sounds appealing to you message us on Twitter, Discord, or the Contact us form on the About page and don't be shy! 

2018 and "The Playable Update"

The first sunshine of 2018 is finally breaking through our snow coated city here in Winnipeg. We spent a long hibernation working, plotting, remaking alot of the assets in SPBF. I'm sure alot of you are eager to get your hands on more SUPER POWERED updates and gameplay so we have decided to talk a little bit about what's on the way for all the BATTLE FRIENDS out there!

New Character Art!



Not all of them are done yet but they are looking great thanks to our friend and fellow creative Kats! You can see her process here!


If you've followed Prazon's Instagram or Twitter you've probably come across this picture of Luna!


But that's not all we're in the process of getting ready...

The stages are receiving their own upgrades as well!

We hope you stay tuned to our Discord where we will be regularly showing W.I.P Screenshots, Art, Sprites, Maps and more! You can check out either of our Twitters by clicking our pictures on the homepage under Team! And you can find Prazon/Brendan's instagram on the Media page! Now's the perfect time to get involved with our community as we begin preparing what we've dubbed "The Playable Update". Players from our community will be invited to join our early test sessions before we hit Steam. This update will feature a new multiplayer integration similar to what many popular titles are doing nowadays with the ability to easily invite your friends from the main menu into your "Party" and decide what to play from there. This of course will also include hundreds of bug fixes discovered by playtesters and ourselves, the updated stage art, the first 5 playable characters (Daxter, Prazon, Arc, Luna, Idona), and some gamemodes to try out online and offline!

Comic-Con 2017 has come and gone!

We finally finished presenting our demo at Comic Con 2017 this weekend, the entire teams getting some well deserved rest and we're all excited to work with the alpha testers to make this game as great as it can be! Those of you who decided to leave your email for us will be receiving emails with some information regarding our discord and alpha testing builds. Anyone who wasn't able to make it out can still get in on our discord channel through the widget that is on the bottom of the front page!


As we continue on with testing we are progressing faster and faster towards our Steam Early-Access launch. It's an exciting time to be a part of our community! We recently launched a Patreon for those who are keen to support us on a deeper level. The current tiers of rewards are looking at giving those patrons Early Access Keys when they hit steam which will of course remain in their library on full release whenever that time comes. One of the rewards will even net you 4 Steam Keys for you and your friends to play together online or offline! 


Thank you to everyone who came out to demo Super Powered Battle Friends!

Things to come

While the year 2017 comes closer to a close we think back on what we've accomplished this year. We conquered Comicon here in our city last October despite being incredibly under-prepared and unrested. We were greenlit on Steam in just 13 days back in November, now that the journey is progressing towards our second Comicon the team is strapping themselves down and shifting into high-gear.

Bring it on 2018!

-Brendan "Prazon" Miller-Young

 A look at one of our past demo builds for last years Comicon.

A look at one of our past demo builds for last years Comicon.